Cutting Board Care

Cutting Board Care 

With all of the amazing possibilities available for your custom cutting board, once you have it, you want to make certain it lasts for years. Taking proper care of your wood cutting board or butcher block is a must and something most people forget to do.

The best way to ensure that your boards stay lovely is to treat them with wood butter. Our handmade wood butter is made from food grade mineral oil and organic beeswax, and is the perfect food safe treatment to keep your cutting board in shape for years. 

We treat every board with wood butter prior to shipment. We recommend a treatment of wood butter once a week for the first month to make certain that your board is as healthy as possible. After the first month, one treatment every 4-6 weeks (four weeks in drier climates and six weeks in humid climates) will keep your board looking fabulous.

To apply wood butter, simply rub generously into the wood and allow it to soak in for 24 hours prior to use and wipe gently.

Other ways to keep your board looking amazing: butcher block oil, available at Home Depot and Lowes. 

DO NOT Submerge your cutting board in water, or place in the dishwasher. This can cause warping, and in severe cases, cracking.

DO NOT Apply any type of vegetable or nut oil, as these oils will eventually turn rancid after applied.

If you have any questions about custom wood cutting board care, please contact us!

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